Class of 2021

The first edition of the MC2 Lab’s international CTIS summer school was held online due to the pandemic. It offered a slightly different program, not only because contents have now been updated with the advances in the last two years, but also because we benefitted from the contributions of Profs Chen Sijia and Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow and tutors Serena Ghiselli, Christian Olalla-Soler and Nicoletta Spinolo.

The attendees of the Class of 2021 were Aleksandra Adler, Vladimir Balakhonov, Celia Barnés Castaño, Nereida Betancor Sánchez, Chen Yiqiang (Frank), Maria Andreea Deleanu, Du Zhi Qiang, Aitziber Elejalde Sáenz, Rosana Esquinas López, César Andrés González Fernández, Hu Bei, Li Lu, Ariana López Pereira, Antonio Morata, Marcelina Pietryga, Sara Puerini, Qin Qiuqing, Valentina Ragni, Anna Setkowicz-Ryszka, David Špetla, Thomas Thomsen, Tsai Nancy, Susana Valdez, Wang Yu, Xu Zeshuai Alicja Zajdel, Zhou Xiangyan, Zhu Xuelian and Jûratë Žukauskaitë.

Thirteen students (about half of the cohort) handed in their final papers, and a few of them turned them into posters. Aleksandra Adler, from the University of Stockholm, received the Summer School’s prize for the best poster, as voted by the researchers gathered at the TREC conference ICTIC3, held in Forlì, Italy, on November 2–5, 2021.