The Summer School is a non-profit initiative of the MC2 Lab, and thus the money from the tuition fees is just used to cover the expenses.

The tuition fee is 1,625 € for regular attendees.

EST members in good standing have a 50 € discount on the tuition fee, so for them the registration is 1,575 .

The tuition fee includes:

1. all classes and tutoring sessions

2. light lunches from Monday to Friday, both weeks

3. the social program on Saturday 10

4. the farewell dinner on Friday 16

Bonus: The organizing committee of the International Conference on Translation, Interpreting and Cognition, ICTIC 4, will wave the conference registration fee to three students from the 2023 CTIS Summer School, as suggested by the summer school faculty. This TREC face-to-face conference will take place from September 6 to 8, 2023, in Santiago de Chile.

The above is an overall estimate of the costs of attending the CITS Summer Shool, including costs for traveling, lodging, and additional meals. We cannot know what the administrative costs may be for attendees needing a visa, etc. The organizers of the summer school will not take up any responsibility on these matters for the attendees. We do have some lodging suggestions, based on our knowledge of the area, but that is all.

The MC2 Lab will offer two scholarhips to cover the tuition fee. Interested applicants only need to tick the appropriate box in the online application form. EST members are reminded that the association offers one or two Summer School Scholarships of 1,000 € for its members in good standing. EST and MC2 Lab scholarships may be accumulated.

Please note that, once registered, refunds are only possible if and once the vacated place is taken by another applicant. No refunds will be possible if no replacement is found. Of course, in the event that the school must be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, participants who have paid tuition will be fully reimbursed.