modalities of attendance

At the end of the Summer Shool, students may choose to turn in a paper before 31 August, 2023.

The 3,000–5,000 word-long papers will lay out a detailed research proposal (references, if any, not included in word count) following the IMRaD structure. Students are encouraged to use a pre-registration template from the OSF as a checklist for the contents they should include.

Students who choose not to turn in a paper will receive a Certificate of Attendance for 75 hours (= 3 ECTS credits).

Students turning in a paper will be issued a Diploma of Completion for 125 hours (= 5 ECTS credits; the paper is assumed to take ca. 50 hours) if it is assessed as good by two school instructors.

The authors of the best papers may be invited to volunteer to have them published online in the MC2 Lab website, as part of the record of the CTIS Summer School, class of 2023.

Additionally, the three best papers will be shared with TREC members, who will vote to choose just one to be awarded a prize of 500.00 €.

Full attendance is required to be issued either the Certificate or the Diploma, which will be emailed to summer school attendees by the end of September 2023.